RECIPE: Sprouted Fenugreek & Walnut Tacos

  Here is this amazing Recipe for your Taco Tuesdays! These 2 Raw Vegan Tacos are charged with Living Foods! It's really all about the life that i...

6 Simple Steps to make Detox Easier

About 60% of accumulated waste is released in the first 7 days of Detox and it could go up to 2+ weeks, yes you will worse before you feel better but don't worry these are generally signs of Healing.

RECIPE: Protein Sugar-Free Creamy Chocolate Raw Vegan Milk

I can not get enough of this Raw & Vegan Protein Chocolate Milk, I have one everyday! If you are physically active you need to hydrate, nourish and repair your body. This Raw Vegan Protein Milk is the Best Post-Workout Drink

5 Golden Rules of Food Combining for Optimal Digestion

You thought yay! im finally getting use to these new healthy Foods, I’m feeling awesome inside and out. Well here is your next assignment: Food Com...

RECIPE: Wild Berry Smoothie

Try this Super Refreshing Extra Healthy, no sugar added Smoothie! How do you make this super powerful? adding Blue Green Algae!, Blue Green Algae is the first organism on earth, is like "A" on the alphabet, without "A" there is no "B", it's primal and what's primal in our bodies?

RECIPE: Green Chipotle Wrap

This recipe was inspired by my dear friend Drew who whipped up in minutes an amazing Living Green Salad and I decided to put it in a Wrap to make it even more Delicious and Fun. So here are the ingredients for the filling:

NEWS: What Happens to the Soil Happens to All Human Race

97% of our food comes from the soil. The fundamental condition for sustaining a civilization is sustaining the soil. How people treat the land sets the longevity of human societies and influences how the land can sustain human societies, or not.

RECIPE: Healing Garlic Soup

With the holiday season unfortunately comes winter weather and the time of year when it is easy to come down with a flu, cold or even bronchitis or pneumonia. Keeping your immune system strong – and knowing how to treat these illnesses naturally when they do come along...

RECIPE: Avocado Vanilla Cheesecake

Avocado Vanilla Cheesecakes