Learn MORE about Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics) Video with Rebecca Harder

Have you ever heard about Colonics? Bet you did and I bet you also turn red immediately and felt scared!, Well I don't blame you, Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonics really sound like a painful and invasive procedure but it used to be very popular in medical institutions way back in the time but still very used in Europe and other parts of the world in a regular basis. Do you remember when you visit your grandma's house?, she probably always had an enema bag in her bathroom and yes, no matter what kind of discomfort you have if you start feeling not so good she would immediately recommend to do an enema to get rid of all toxins that might be constricting you. So there is  nothing wrong when it comes to moving your bowels! is the best and most effective way to release toxins besides sweating (Saunas) and exercising (cardio, weights, yoga etc.) So what is a Colonic? basically is a session of enemas with purified water and in a more relaxing setting that will allow you to release lots of compacted matter that hold toxins that you might be carrying for long time. Doctors and health advocates know that Colonics are a MUST for maintaining a heathy digestive system and many more benefits like preventing disease and prolonging life. So listen carefully to Rebecca Harder, National Board Certified and I-ACT Certified Instructor, she has extensive experience and has performed over 10,000 sessions including mine and several friends, by far the best and more comfortable experience I have ever had. 


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