Missing some of that comfort food?.. Well I am, I was raised on delicious comforting white rice. My grandfather was born in China and lived in our household for all his life, and guess what? He loved to cook! actually he did all the cooking! and guess what kind? Chinese Cuisine was the speciality of every day! Rice was a must in each meal, or many times it would be "The Meal". Always a picky eater myself, my grandfather used to bring me a bowl of white rice with a little of soy sauce, when I didn't want to eat what was for supper. I attached the best comforting emotions to those moments when he spoiled me with a nice bowl of rice. Now in my Raw Vegan journey I rediscover rice in the healthiest way ever existed!  RAW RICE is just amazing! and it brings me back to those moments with my lovely grandfather. This recipe is by the RAW CHEF Russel James, simple, fast and delicious! check it out!

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