NEWS: What Happens to the Soil Happens to All Human Race

David R. Montgomery is a Professor of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle. He says that when most people think about landscapes, they think about the earth beneath their feet as something unchanging. As something eternal. Solid as a rock.

But to a geologist, thinking about soil is a different kind of system. It is a very thin skin of the earth that essentially acts as the living membrane that connects geology to biology. It's what our sustenance is drawn from.

Recent archaeological studies showed that soil erosion played a role in the demise of ancient civilization of Neolithic Europe, Classical Greece, Rome, the Southern United States and Central America

How big a difference did soil erosion make?

97% of our food comes from the soil. The fundamental condition for sustaining a civilization is sustaining the soil. How people treat the land sets the longevity of human societies and influences how the land can sustain human societies, or not.

Source: The Real Truth About Health

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