RECIPE: Wild Berry Smoothie

Try this Super Refreshing Extra Healthy, no sugar added Smoothie! How do you make this super powerful? adding Blue Green Algae!, Blue Green Algae is the first organism on earth, is like "A" on the alphabet, without "A" there is no "B", it's primal and what's primal in our bodies? our DNA! This Super Food nourish us at a deeper level, passes the blood brain barrier is perfect food for our Brains and great source of highly absorbable and digestible Protein!

What you need:

- 1 Frozen Banana

- 1 Cup of Frozen Wild Berries

- .5 Cup of Strawberries

- .5 oz of E3live Blue Green Algae

- .5 Tbs of Vanilla Extract

- 5 drops of Stevita (optional)

- Water 

Blend all together in a High Speed Blender. I love to stop it with some crunchies like: Sprouted Dehydrated Buckwheaties, Raw Granola or Ezekiel Sprouted Cereal Cinnamon-Raisin.

Smoothies are so easy and fun to eat because all is blended, but always keep in mind this helpful tips:

Tip#1: Always chew your juices and smoothies just because the blender did all the work breaking down the fiber your body still need to release the enzymes for proper digestion, it all starts in the mouth we realize massive amount of enzymes when chewing, 70% of digestion happens in the mouth.

Tip#2: Smoothies contain lots of food, Did you notice the ingredients? we have a bowl full of fruits blended in 16oz, be mindful about it, is still a lot of sugar! if your goal is loosing weight you should only have smoothies for recreation not as meal repalcements.

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