Our Story


The Sprout Company is located in Tigard Oregon and  was founded in October of 2011, with one purpose "Educate People on the Tremendous Health Benefits of consuming Living Foods" such as grasses and sprouts, sprouted seeds, nuts, grains and beans. The HORMONES, OXYGEN, PHYTONUTRIENTS and ENZYMES found in "Living Foods" allows us to fight and conquer disease, compete at the highest levels academically and physically and maintain a Healthy Vibrant Life.
We also Believe that every single one of us has a voice and a right to live on a clean planet.  The importance of the soil in our nation and around the globe can no longer be ignored. Our soils are depleted, 60-70% of our food grown in the U.S. is grown in those depleted soils and sprayed with many chemicals from fertilizer to larva-cide. It is CRITICAL to The Sprout Company that we only support farmers that understand proper planting practices such as allowing the soil rest and who only use natural fertilizers that remineralize the soil. We take our time to get to know these farmers to make sure we bring ONLY the best ORGANIC, NON-GMO, MINERAL RICH Wheatgrass, Sunflower & Pea Sprouts, seeds, nuts and beans and grain to you! We know exactly where our food comes from.  As a result of nutrients used in these farmers soil, we end up with HEALTHY PLANTS and HEALTHY PEOPLE.
As a part of our journey with living foods, we have come across some Amazing Products that are essential to support this Lifestyle. We sorted through several companies to find the finest Organic Plant-Based Products such as Whole Foods Supplements, Protein Powders, ORGANIC, edible Skin Care and others. We also tried and tested several Juicers, Dehydrators and Sprouting Supplies and offer you only the BEST! 
We love to share so check out our BLOGS, you will find some exceptional, fun, educational material on Nutrition, Exercise, the Importance of Rest and much more! This web page was created to make your life easier!  We already did the homework and we know what works and what does not!  We are constantly researching, working with biochemists and ethical suppliers, and adding new cool, safe and pure products to enhance your life, so, keep your eyes peeled and ENJOY!


Yours in health,