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This Green Juice Powder from Chemical Free Body Green 85 Juice Formula has the best green juice recipe for vibrant health, weight loss and energy! This Super Green Juice Powder is loaded with Superfoods like: Wheatgrass, Chlorella, Spirulina plus 9 Raw Vegetable Juices, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics!

  • Jumpstart Weight Loss, improve digestion reducing bloating and hunger cravings
  • Get Healthy Glowing Skin
  • Add to your favorite green smoothie recipe

Green 85 Juice Formula has no fillers or binders only Chemical-Free, 100% certified organic ingredients from sustainable sources of all over the world. Hi quality nutrition from nature plus probiotics and enzymes that will help you: Lose Weight, Increase Energy and Endurance, Boost your Immunity and Mental Clarity, Improve your Digestive Health, Build Muscle and Sleep Better!* 

1. Spirulina  Amazing source of predigested and complete proteins that regulates blood sugar.  Spirulina is also high in iron and calcium.
2. Chlorella  One of the highest sources of predigested and complete proteins. Reduces food cravings and helps to remove heavy metals from the body like mercury.* Rich in Vitamins B, C, and E.
3. Concentrated Grass Juices Blend (Wheat, Barley, Oat) Grasses, a complete matrix of proteins (in amino-acid form) to build a strong muscular body. Rich in Chlorophyll which is very similar to the structure of our own blood. Grasses can neutralize toxins and detoxify us while rejuvenating us on a cellular level.*
4. Wheat Sprout: Wheat sprouts have a special compound known as Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), which helps the body to repair itself quickly, slow down the aging process and reduce inflammation. Its also high in folic acid which is great for heart health, brain function, antidepressant activity, and a great detoxifier!*
5. Broccoli Sprout: In 1992 researchers at Johns Hopkins doubled broccoli sales overnight when they discovered a phytonutrient called sulforaphane greatly increased the body’s ability to ward off cancer.*
6. Moringa: Nicknamed worldwide as “The Miracle Tree”, the leaves are nature’s Multi-Vitamin. This is a food plant with powerful antioxidants and multiple health uses along with the ability to suppress appetite and promote weight loss.*
7. Acai Berry: Pronounced as “ah-sigh-ee”, acai is a reddish-purple berry that grows on the acai palm tree mostly found in Central and South America. The Acai Berry has been consumed by humans for thousands of years. Regular consumption prevents oxidative damage in  our body, thus protecting us on a cellular level and keeping us looking young!*
8. Dandelion: It is one of the top 6 herbs in the Chinese herbal medicinal tradition and is rich in fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and the B vitamins, thiamine and riboflavin, and is a good source of protein. Assists in weight reduction, cleansing the skin and eliminating acne. Purifies blood, cleanses our system, and otherwise improve gastro-intestinal health. Prevents or lowers high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and balance blood sugars.*
9: Dulse: may be best known for its high iodine content to improve thyroid function but has also been clinically proven to possess free radical scavenging activity, making dulse a useful antioxidant. The seaweed has also been demonstrated to inhibit the growth of fat cells in the laboratory. Utilizing Dulse helps to repair compromised body tissues.*
10. Concentrated 14 Veggie Juices: A blend of concentrated juices which contain phytonutrients that bulletproof your immune system. A great way to get your servings of veggies that is quick and convenient.*
11. Soil-Based Probiotics: Probiotics are the good bacteria in our gut that comprises what should be about three pounds of our immune system. Probiotics help to establish that good bacteria so we can have ideal bowel movements, improved cognitive function, and a stronger constitution. A must in our toxic and high stressed world!*
12. Digestive Enzymes: Digestive Enzymes assist the breakdown of food molecules while improving digestion and bowel movements. Neutralizes indigestion with no side bad effects. Digestive Enzymes also carry electric frequency to our cells that literally charges up our battery (our cells) with energy while fighting off free-radical damage keeping us looking young and feeling great.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.