ClearLight Far Infrared Premiere Cedar Sauna - 3 person IS-3
Infrared Sauna IS-3 SAVE $400
Infrared Sauna IS-3 SAVE $400
Infrared Sauna IS-3 SAVE $400

Infrared Sauna IS-3 SAVE $400

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Infrared Sauna Benefits helps lose weight, Pain Relief, Detoxification of Skin,  Better Sleep, Reduce Depression and more. SAVE $400! Clearlight Infrared Saunas are renowned  for their excellent quality and effectiveness, just the best Infrared Sauna in the market.* Don't miss our Sale and Free Shipping. 
Infrared Sauna Benefits:

  • Lose weight and reduce appearance of cellulite
  • Reduce unwanted pain and stiffness 
  • Detoxification of skin and internal organs*

RETAIL PRICE $3,899 -  OUR PRICE $3,499 - SAVE $400+ FREE SHIPPING* shipping charges apply to HI & AK

The IS-3 has two large infrared heaters on the front wall, a large infrared  heater across the entire back wall, Infrared heaters along the entire side wall heaters, a heater underneath the long bench and our exclusive under floor heater. In our Premier Saunas we put a True Wave heater underneath the cedar wood in the floor. Infrared heat is radiated by the cedar wood and will warm your feet, help with your joints and increase sweating. 
For Constant Infrared Heat: Simply set the digital controller to the highest setting. You'll receive 100% constant far-infrared heat with absolutely no heater shut-off throughout your entire 30 to 45 minute sauna session, guaranteed. 
Your IS-3 has a total of 3,705 sq. in. of  True Wave II™ heaters. The large size of each heater allows for a lower surface temperature than other infrared sauna heater technology. This means better performance well within the optimal wave range of 7 to 14 microns with a good portion of wavelengths at 9.4--which is the frequency at which the human body absorbs infrared heat.

Premier Infrared Saunas have the option to add in Medical Grade Chromotherapy. This chromotherapy unit has over 175 LED lights. The remote control allows you to select an individual color or the Auto mode will cylcle through the various colors every 25 seconds. This option is $400 additional. Please ask us more details.


Eco Certied Grade "A" Clear Western Red Canadian Cedar.
Tongue & Groove construction.
Weight: 425 lbs


Width: 61"
Depth: 44"
Height: 76"

Width: 58"
Depth: 39"
Height: 68.5"
Bench: 58" x 22"

True Wave Carbon/Ceramic
Low EMF Infrared Heaters
Power: 120V / 1,950W / 16A

Lifetime Warranty
AM/FM/CD Player

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